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SooperCrate gives you access to exclusive products at an exclusive price. We guarantee no other platforms can match the products or our price.
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A Shopping Platform........


Of the people

We don't list any retailers, because there's only one retailer - SooperCrate. We're a platform that's made up of only one type of people - the Consumers.

By the people

We don't list 1000's of products to pick from. We let you decide what you want to buy. Products are suggested by the people, & decided by the people.

for the people

A platform built exclusively for the people, the consumers. Our goal is to help you buy what you want in any part of the world at the best price possible.


Wondering What Makes SooperCrate So Unique?

SooperCrate is a Community Commerce platform. People will be able to come together, request a product, and buy a product at the same time at a discounted price. 


Request A Product

You have to ability to request what you want a deal on or an offer on. Once you request a product, the other members on the app will be able to vote if they're interested to buy the same.

If enough people show interest, we'll bring that product to the app for you all to buy at the best price possible in the market.

The product can be anything available in India or anything Outside India as well.

  • Request / Submit A Product
  • Any Product Inside / Outside India
  • Members Come Together & Vote


  • Based On Votes We'll Bring The Product To The App.
  • Commit To Buy The Product
  • Refer & Share To Reach Minimum
    Number Of Orders

Commit To Buy

Once we bring the product to the app, you'll be able to commit to buy. Think of it like Kickstarter but for products already in the market.


Why commit and not buy directly? Because we'll need to reach a minimum number of orders in order to bring that product to you at the best price possible.

The deal will last for a limited time, and we need to reach the minimum order number within that limited time. If we don't, then the product is taken off and won't be available till we get enough votes again.

Get It Delivered

Once the minimum number of orders is met within the limited time the deal is open, we'll start the fulfillment process.

If the deal is open for 5 days, and we reach the minimum number of orders within the 5 days, then you'll be charged on the 6th day.


You can expect the product to be delivered to you within 15 - 30 days. If the product is within India, you can expect it a whole lot sooner. In case it's outside India, then importing & delivery will take some time.


  • Products are available for limited time.
  • Order Fulfillment begins after that limited time.
  • Delivery period varies based on product availability.

Top Quality Guaranteed

All the products that'll be made available on our app/platform will be of the highest quality and authentic products.

If you ask for a specific brands product, then we'll ensure you get the authentic, and genuine product from the brand you've asked for.