Green Tea Kit Kat

Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat

Hello people! It's been a while since we posted anything here. For the past few months, we've been busy trying to find verified & authorised distributors for products not available in India.


We finally want to proceed with our plan of getting you access to products that are not available in India.

So the 1st product we want to start off with is MATCHA GREEN TEA KITKAT from Japan! 

The price is going to be ₹700 for 2 Packs of Green Tea Kitkat. The ₹700 includes Import Charges, Shipping Charges, Custom Charges, everything!

For reference, here's a listing on Amazon:


1 pack on Amazon costs ₹500, so ₹1000 for 2 packs. If you buy from us, you'll get 2 packs at ₹700.

If interested to buy, please fill the form below. Based on the number of people interested, we'll know how much to import to based on the number of people interested.

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Thanks for the support! 😊